Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Modern House: Abstract Architectural Visualization (NPR) Tutorial

As I explored many different Non Photo Realistic Rendering (NPR) styles, I have found a need to create such relatively abstract renderings which are to serve the purpose of enhancing my design presentation.  As a result, I was able to come-up with a faded effect illustration which is effective in depicting architectural visualization. In this tutorial, we will learn a very unique abstract rendering technique using SketchUp, Photoshop and Picasa. Here are the steps:

STEP 1: Open your SketchUp 3D model and set the view in perspective mode. Save your scene: view>animation>add scene, and click create scene.

Modern House: SketchUp Model

STEP 2: Using SketchUp, export the following 2D images: (1) Modern House (Monochrome style+ x-ray+ edges turned on)> under edges check profiles, depth cue and extension, (2) Modern House (Shaded with Textures+ no edges) and (3) Entourage (Shaded with Textures). Lock down the file size at 4000+ pixels wide.

Here are the results:

Monochrome style

Shaded with Textures

Entourage (Shaded with Textures)

STEP 3: Open your first image in Picasa and select 'Sepia' mode. Save in JPEG format.

Monochrome style (Picasa workflow: 'sepia' mode)

Here is the result 

Monochrome style (Sepia Mode)

STEP 4: Using Photoshop, arrange the following images accordingly: Background layer (Sepia monochrome style), Layer 1 (Shaded with texture), Layer 2 (entourage), Layer 3 (Forest Background). For layers 1 to 3, set the blend mode to multiply.

Photoshop Layers

Forest Tree background (Source: Stock DevianArt)

STEP 5: Select the following layer: layer 1 (Shaded with texture) and Layer 3 (Forest Background), then gently erase the left corner of the layered images. Save image in JPEG format.

Photoshop workflow: Eraser Tool

STEP 6: Going back to Picasa, click the ‘Orton’ mode. Make some few minor adjustments with regards to brightness, temperature, shadows and highlight. Save image in JPEG format.

Picasa workflow (Orton mode> adjust brightness, temperature and shadow)


Other works (with similar style)

Modern Eco House (model by Demerville)

Town House

Thank you for reading.