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Design # 2: Noli Me Tangere Garden

Noli Me Tangere Garden Design by: Hanna Mylex Asilo, Benedict Martin Caliwara, Monica Danielle Meija
Rendered by: Benedict Martin Caliwara

Rizal Park

Rizal Park otherwise known as Luneta is one of the largest urban parks in the Philippines, located at the northern end of Roxas Boulevard, overlooking Manila bay. This famous destination spot was once a major attraction for the people of the city of Manila. Being one of the largest urban park in Asia, it has been a favorite leisure spot, and is frequented on Sundays and national holidays.  

Historically, the execution of national hero Jose Rizal on December 30, 1886, fanned the flames of the 1886 Philippine Revolution against the Kingdom of Spain. The site was officially renamed Rizal Park in his honor, and the monument enshrining his remains serves as the park’s symbolic focal point.

Image 1: Rizal Park (General Site View)

Noli Me Tangere Garden

Noli Me Tangere Garden is located within the fifty-eight hectare property of Rizal Park. The total land area of the site is approximately 14,230 square meters. It is a corner lot bounded by the following areas: Rizal Monument in the North, Visitors Center in the East, T.M. Kalaw Street in the South, and Roxas Boulevard in the West. The site is a densely shaded area wherein it features the Heidelberg fountain and the bust of Ferdinand Blumentritt, both symbolizes the Filipino-German friendship.

Image 2: Noli Me Tangere Garden (Site View)


Rizal finished his novel "Noli Me Tangere" on December 1886. At first, it was hard to pursue the publication of the novel due to financial constraints. Maximo Viola, however, lent P300 for the publication of 2000 copies of the novel. Rizal, himself, describing the nature of the Noli Me Tangere to his friend Blumentritt, wrote, “The Novel is the first impartial and bold account of the life of the tagalongs. The Filipinos will find in it the history of the last ten years…”

Image 3: Noli Me Tangere (Novel)

Site Inventory Analysis

Image 4: Rizal Park (Site Inventory)

Image 5: Noli Me Tangere Garden (Site Inventory)

Image 6: Noli Me Tangere Garden (Site Inventory)

Image 7: Proximity Matrix

Image 8: Bubble Diagram

Image 9: Circulation

Image 10: SWOT Analysis

Design Concept: Noli Me Tangere Garden

Emphasizing the idea of cultural landscape, the proposed garden shall provide scenic, economic, ecological, social, recreational and educational prospects for the public. The vision of the design was to establish such historical intervention to the public. Thus, the re-designing aims to honor the significant places, people, and elements in the publication of the well-known novel Noli Me Tangere, and represent Rizal’s association to Europe. The design develops further with the integration of European inspired garden (Spanish and German Style Garden) and accommodation of the portion of Berlin Wall given by the German Government. In terms of functionality, the design can suit the need of shaded sitting areas. The design also supplemented with event area, making it an ideal venue for recreational and public event activities.

Image 11: Mason Symbol

Image 12: Busts

Image 13: Places

Image 14: Orientation

Image 15: Circle

Image 16: Master Site Development Plan

Image 17: North Elevation

Image 18: South Elevation

Image 19: East Elevation

Image 20: West Elevation

Image 21: Berlin Wall (Section)

Image 22: German Garden (Section)

Image 23: Spanish Garden (Section)

Image 24: Noli Me Tangere (View 1)

Image 25: Noli Me Tangere (View 2)

Image 26: Noli Me Tangere (Main Perspective)

Image 27: Spanish Garden

Image 28: Spanish Garden (Trellis)

Image 29: Spanish Garden (Event Area)

Image 30: Fountain

Image 31: Fountain (Digital Watercolor)

Image 32: Fountain (NPR B/W)

Image 33: Berlin Wall (Daytime Render)

Image 34: Berlin Wall (Night time Render)

Image 35: Berlin Wall (View 1)

Image 36: Berlin Wall (View 2)

Image 37: German Garden (View 1)

Image 38: German Garden (View 2)

Image 39: German Garden (View 3)

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