Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to Make Bump Materials Using GIMP2

In photo-realistic rendering for SketchUp, bump mapping is a good technique for simulating bump and wrinkles, highlighting the depth changes of the geometry underlying the diffuse texture. Here are few easy steps on how to make your own bump using GIMP2 (free software).

Download Gimp  Software Here: GIMP- DOWNLOADS

Sample Stone Wall Texture (Image credit from SketchUp Texture Your Work)

STEP 1: Open your texture image in GIMP2. Click ‘Image’ tab> select ‘Mode’> click ‘Grayscale’

STEP 2: Go to ‘Filters’> select ‘Artistic’> click ‘Photocopy’

STEP 3: Adjust the following value> Click Ok

STEP 4: Export the modified image in JPEG or PNG format


To see the difference between diffuse (no bump) and diffuse with bump below are some test render results. (Test Render was done using Kerkythea)

Sample Diffuse and Bump Materials

Test Render Output: Diffuse Map Only

Test Render Output: Diffuse with Bump

As an alternative you can edit your textures online to create different bump materials.

Here is the Link: Normal Map Onlne
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