Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Making a Parametric Bench: Sketch-Up Modelling Tutorial

Parametric bench is unique furniture that is made of sections of plywood bonded rods arranged into a series of contours. This contour layout can form different organic shapes appropriate for a seating area. In this step by step tutorial, we will show you how to make a parametric bench using Sketch-Up as a 3-D modelling tool. 

STEP 1: Click the line tool, draw and plot the base of the parametric bench in angular form.

STEP 2: Using the push/ pull tool, create a space for seating area.

Angular form: Top View, Front Elevation, Right Side Elevation, Left Side Elevation, Rear Elevation

STEP 3a: In order to change the shape of the bench from angular to organic form, we will need an extension such as the 'SUbd- Subdivide and Smooth Plugin’

STEP 3b: Select the bench model> click tools> click Loop subdivision smooth> change the repeat subdivision parameter from 1 to 2> click OK. 

Result so far

STEP 4: Select the model> right click> make group

STEP 5: Select the bench model> click the Slicing tool from the Slicer Plugin tool bar (TIG_Slicer plugin)> follow the Slicer parameter set-up> click OK

STEP 6: Delete unnecessary object(s)

STEP 7: Apply wood texture to your model using paint bucket. Choose any available wood textures from the Material dialogue box.


Final Render Output

Final Render Output

Final Render Output

Parametric Bench model (.skp file)
To download click HERE