Wednesday, July 5, 2017


A topographic profile is a two-dimensional cross sectional view of the landscape. It provides of the relief of the terrain along a line drawn between two locations on a topographic map. In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a topographic section using SketchUp and SketchUp Layout.

STEP 1: Open your SketchUp terrain model.

STEP 2: Insert 3D entourage

STEP 3: View your model in ‘Parallel Projection’. 

STEP 4: Go to ‘View’> Under ‘Face Style’ option, select ‘Hidden line’

STEP 5: Draw a square or rectangular plane. Place it beside your model.

STEP 6: Using the ‘Push/Pull’ tool, drag the face of the plane vertically (perpendicular to your model)

STEP 7: Again, use the ‘Push/Pull tool to drag the surface, parallel to your model. This will serve as a guide for our elevation profile. Make sure to align the face according to the position of the 'section symbol' from the Site Development Plan

STEP 8: Go to ‘Camera’> ‘Standard View’> ‘Front View’ 

STEP 9: Place the ‘Section Plane’ on face. Here, the elevation profile is created showing the cross-sectional view of the model.

STEP 10: Save your work> Send to Layout

STEP 11: Choose your preferred template.

STEP 12: Change the scale. To do that, Right click> select ‘Scale’> scroll down> choose your preferred scale.

STEP 13:  Adjust all corners

STEP 14: Fill the ground with soil texture. To do that, click the ‘Fill’ and ‘Pattern’. Under ‘Fill option, click the white color texture. Go to ‘Pattern Fill’ option and select “Earth Compacted Fill” texture under the ‘Material Symbols’. Close all corners from the terrain section using ‘Lines’ tool.

STEP 15: Make a topographic profile. To do that, click the ‘Lines’ tool> select the ‘Stroke’ option with 2-3 thickness point> uncheck the ‘Pattern’ and ‘Fill’ option> then draw the line along the ridge.

STEP 16: Fill the upper portion with white color texture. 

STEP 17: Label each line with the elevation of the corresponding contour line.

STEP 18: Make a title block. Result so far.

STEP 19: Save your work, Go to ‘File’> ‘Export’> select ‘Images’> Save in JPEG or PNG format

STEP 20: Add trees and entourage using Photoshop

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